When you're planning a corporate event or retreat, the last thing you want is speakers who put everyone to sleep. Our style is the opposite. We keep your people engaged, and we only plan topics that your people really care about. We work with you in advance to learn about your teams and what would make the most impact for them at a 90 minute, half day or full day event.
When you're planning a conference or meeting, the last thing you want is speakers who put everyone to sleep. To cut through the noise, you can't just be more noise. We deliver consistently great, and immediately actionable, keynotes all over North America. Book us and create a breakthrough.
Some of our speaking topics..
Employee Engagement
Improve employee enrollment and satisfaction, reduce turnover, improve results.
Being a high performing sales team producing breakthrough results.
Marketing and Branding
Finding the most genuine representation of your brand, products, and purpose.
Building Highly Functional Teams
Creating alignment, collaboration and focus to deliver a purpose driven organization.
Creating powerful, impactful, agile, creative and natural leaders.